Regional, national or international transport. Smooth roads or rough terrain. It’s all the same
to the DAF CF series, available either as tractor or rigid chassis in two, three or four axle models.

Built to handle the demands of intensive use, this multifunctional chassis is a top performer in every
application – from bulk or tank transport to heavy-duty work in the building industry, from garbage
collectionto general distribution.

The CF Series is characterized by superb driving properties and excellent manoeuvrability. A great deal
of attention has been devoted to optimally match chassis design, steering, brakes and suspension. This,
together with the high torque characteristics of the engines and comfortable cab design, makes the CF Series
a joy to drive under all circumstances.

Such a wide range of applications asks for different cab variants. The CF therefore comes with a choice of
three cabs:a Day Cab, a Sleeper Cab and the extra spacious Space Cab, offering an interior height of 2.23 metres.
All cab variantscombine compact external dimensions with a surprisingly spacious interior and offer easy access,
excellent visibility and an ergonomic working environment.

The versatility of the CF is underlined by the wide choice of engines. The CF65 is equipped with the 6.7 litre
PACCAR GR engine.The CF75 is powered by the 9.2 litre PACCAR PR engine, while the CF85 features the 12.9 litre
PACCAR MX engine as used in the XF105.Three state-of-the-art power plants, offering power ratings from 220 hp up
to 510 hp, to meet individual requirements. And all of them equipped with DAF SCR Technology for a bright future.

The robust CF-chassis is made of high-quality steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong but lightweight chassis
for high payloads.It is completely flat, making it the perfect base for any superstructure. To make the body builder’s
job as easy as possible, the main frame members are pre-drilled to ensure easy mounting of the body. A Body Builder’s
Module (BBM) can also be provided tofacilitate communication between the electric systems of vehicle and body.