DAF’s roots go back to 1928, when the brothers Hub and Wim van Doorne laid the foundation

for what currently is the fastest growing truck manufacturer in Europe.

1948-Year The name ‘Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek’ is changed into ‘Van
Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek’.

1949-Year DAF presents its first two truck chassis to the press: the A-30 (3 tonnes) and the
A-50 (5 tonnes). The vehicles are characterized by a grille with seven chromium
strips and form the basis for the forward control trucks (cab over engine) .
1962-Year DAF surprises everyone with the introduction of the 2600 series, also called the
‘Mother of International Road Haulage’ – the new standard in driver comfort,
available with a sleeper cab.

1970-Year A brand-new generation of trucks is born. The F1600 – F2000 series is
characterized by tilt cabs, to enable easy and fast servicing of the engines.
1980-Year Introduction of FAG 2300 models; a 6×2 chassis with leading rear axle,
specially developed for refuse collection and milk collection transport.

1987-Year DAF introduces its new premium model: the 95 series. Needless to say, it is
also available with the spacious and by now very popular Space Cab.
1990-Year Introduction of “Euromaster’ model in the 95 series.
1996-Year PACCAR acquires DAF, thereby assuring DAF’s future. PACCAR is one of
the largest truck manufacturers in the world and producer of leading brands
like Kenworth and Peterbilt

2002-Year The peak of excellence in international road haulage is the DAF XF95.
Unrivalled space and comfort combined with a low kilometre cost and high
efficiency thanks to economical 12.6-litre engines (between 280kW/380hp and
390kW/530hp), a low unsprung weight and low maintenance costs.

2006-Year The new XF105 is voted ‘International Truck of the Year 2007’.

2008-Year DAF is the first truck manufacturer to offer EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly
Vehicles) compliant diesel engines for its entire vehicle programme.
2010-Year DAF is expanding its product range constantly. New within the popular CF85
series are two four-axle rigid chassis vehicles. Both models feature three rear
axles — the middle one driven and the front one steered.